Intruduction on Carlinkit 3.0 Review Wireless CarPlay Adapter

Intruduction on Carlinkit 3.0 Review Wireless CarPlay Adapter

MMB Multimedia Box 3.0

MMB Multimedia Box 3.0 Review
MMB multimedia box 3.0 is the latest arrival that features the
  android 11.0 operating system. The product was introduced in the market in
  2022 and it comes with a car-friendly interface. It allows you to run any
  application that is compatible with android 11.0 from the google play store
  on the display of your carplay. This newly launched device has made the
  entire experience of accessing any streaming services – including youtube,
  amazon prime, Netflix, and more – really smooth and

Specifications Of MMB Multimedia Box 3.0

If you are looking forward to getting smooth navigation to your
  destination or a quick ride that doesn’t take too long to connect with your
  smartphone and play music automatically, then this is the perfect pick for
    The specifications of the device ensure that you get a hassle-free
  experience throughout your journey with your loved ones.
Operating system: Android 11.0 os
    Source of GPS signal: Internal or vehicle GPS
    Wireless connections: Bluetooth 4.0 wi-fi 2.4ghz + 5.0ghz
    Processor: Quad-core 1.8ghz arm cortex-a53
    Working temperature: -40°c ~ 70°c
    Storage capacity: 32GB MMC rom
    Ram: 4GB ddr4 ram
    Gpu renderer: Mali t720
    Product Description
    Easy to a plug-and-play device that can convert any originally wired
  carplay to wireless.
    You also get a type-c cable in the box that can make the device wired,
    Control the device with the help of a voice.
    Features USB port for playing media, google assistant, screencasting, split
  screen, youtube, offline maps, and online google maps.
    Supports touchscreen.
    Hd resolution.
    It provides original car sound quality.
    The device comes with a compact and sleek design that matches the car’s
    Mostly compatible with cars launched after 2016.

Difference Between 2.0 And 3.0

MMB Multimedia Android OS Box 3.0 Is an upgraded version of the
  2.0 version.

MMB Multimedia Android OS Box 2.0 VS 3.0

It can fit in all car models( 2016-2022) except BMW if your car is BMW, you can choose the BMW version (latest update: The BMW version stop manufacturing now) The 3.0 version could support all car models’ display with HDMI interface The device interface is improved. The HDMI interface is additionally added, which can be compatible with the HDMI interface of the vehicle. At the same time, it can be connected to a tv, monitor, projector, and mouse, and keyboard when travelling to fully experience the android 11 system on the big screen.

Let’s check out the pros & cons


You can watch videos in hd quality it comes with one year warranty users get a free lifetime upgrade online connects quickly, great for a short drive split-screen feature compact design worldwide shipping available 30-day money-back guarantee

It does restart twice sometimes, after entering the car
    single colour available: Black
    if you are looking forward to getting an upgrade, then MMB multimedia box
  3.0 is the best option in the market at this moment. The device is fast to
  connect and also stays stable in a moving car. What’s more, it can work on
  all car models now with the latest version.